Introducing Connect & Grow ©

Unique Mindful Activity Programme for Primary Schools

Welcome to Connect & Grow ©

A unique, engaging and flexible programme for schools to enhance children’s wellbeing and develop those all important social and emotional skills.

Each term the children will connect and grow with a fantastic adventure of imagination and curiosity as they complete the mindful activities to build and connect the puzzle over 6-8 weeks, learning skills and creating vital toolkit of techniques they can transfer into many areas of their life. Over the weeks they will reveal a picture full of imagination and filled with hidden elements to explore.


To enhance the wellbeing of our children through equipping them with a plethora of techniques they can call upon whenever needed.

We believe in order to create a generation of children who are centred, resilient, able to recognise and regulate their emotions and deal with the stresses and strains that life throws at them we need to be teaching these techniques as early as possible, so it becomes the ‘norm’ to look after your wellbeing – physical and mental together and know its ok to not be ok sometimes.

With Stress and Anxiety at an all time high within schools – for children and staff , we wanted to provide a programme that is inclusive, nurturing and focusses on early intervention and preventative actions

The passion behind this programme is brought to life through the fun and engaging activities and the aim is for the children to have fun leading and participating in the activities.   

One of the fundamental goals when creating this programme was to ensure a full hands on experience for the children. Bringing the essence of what we believe is paramount to developing and nourishing our health and wellbeing;

CONNECTION with ourselves and others





IMAGINE IF............

just a few conscious minutes of our school day could help to create a generation of children who are connected to both their minds and their bodies. Who are self-aware and can not only recognise but regulate their emotions in a healthy way.

Imagine if……….. just a few minutes in each day could help a child to make more thoughtful choices, grow compassion and kindness towards themselves and other people, develop resilience, and grow respect and celebrate the differences between each other.

Whats included?

  • 1 x Versitile puzzle Board (Per Class)
  • 1 x Themed puzzle (Per Term, Per Class)
  • 1 x Resource Booklet (Per theme)
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • School Staff Training
  • Parental engagement pack