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What Even is Normal?

As I sit here thinking about a previous blog I wrote about calming the school hustle – and getting ready to get back in to the swing of things after the holidays. It is hitting home just how much things have changed. I used to long of the holidays and that time where we could step out of the norm – enjoy the slower pace in life. Who knew that things would have flipped completely and now the routine is something we crave, that thing that helps us keep some form of normality (or what used to be the norm)

I promised myself to ‘make it count’ to take this time by the horns and get my teeth in to stuff that had been on my list for a long time. (if I’m honest a lot of that still remains, and I’m ok with that) My priorities change and shift on a day to day basis depending on my mood, my kids needs, my own motivation and frame of mind and that’s ok too! If there is one thing, we can take from this time in our lives – it is that stopping, listening and connecting are so crucial to everything.

Connection is Everything

Connect to yourself and listen to what you need. Connect to your children’s needs, wants and the challenges they face. The appreciation of community connection, of support and gratitude for key workers, for the kindness shown by strangers.

It is my belief we have a crucial opportunity to change in the midst of this crazy pandemic we have a massive opportunity to stop, focus and reconnect to the essence of what really matters. When better to give yourself permission to step back and just be.
No, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows there are days where we feel low and irritated and that’s ok – Lets take this time to enhance that message – its ok to not be ok sometimes!

Acknowledge and Express

Be honest and open with your feelings – especially when talking to your children. We all feel all emotions, don’t dismiss them, acknowledge the feeling, be kind and patient and find out what it needs.
We all feel sad, angry and worried sometimes and that’s ok. We all face challenges and have days where we lack motivation and that’s ok too! It is so important we share this with our children.
I know that many of us have been plunged in to a world where we are facing a lot of uncertainty and fear. Always remember through fear comes possibility. Though curiosity comes creativity and imagination. Through imagination comes innovation and the seemingly impossible becomes possible and this really excites me.
So let’s take this time to get to know ourselves better, build compassion, show kindness, and find the gratitude in each day.

Creating Mindful Moments

Try a couple of these quick and easy mindful activities
We are all washing our hands a lot right ….well lets make it a mindful practice! This really works as it is something we are doing already just in a different way! It works great with children too.

• The Hand Wash

When washing your hands, instead of thinking about what you have to do or what has just happened, bring your awareness to this moment the feeling of the water on your skin, the smell of the soap, the feeling of the bubbles, the sound of the towel as you dry your hands.

• Hand Massage

Then if you can – or at another time hand cream on again bringing your awareness in to this moment – with a silent sense of gratitude for all the things your hands enable you to do. Taking care and being aware of all of the senses as you massage the cream in. This is also lovely to do with your child – where you massage their hands and they massage yours. It’s a beautiful way to connect.

• How was your day?

This is a lovely wee activity to do – where it opens up discussion
Choose a time where you can all be sitting around the table – maybe dinner time or you can do this as a journaling activity.
Everyone expresses something:

  • they have found difficult today
  • Something you / they have achieved
  • Something you / they are grateful for

It is the most surreal time of our lives at the moment and I hope these we activities help you to connect in many different ways.
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Stay safe and Take Care

Kelly xx