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Curious Caterpillar Mindful Adventure Book


Hardback book plus music – £22


Paperback book plus music – £16 

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Curious Caterpillar is an engaging mindful activity picture book that tells a story all about a little caterpillar, who is curious and loves to learn new things! We follow him as he embarks on a mindful journey where he learns to listen to his body and use all his senses to appreciate all the things around him. Along the way, he learns about his emotions. He experiences BIG emotions and learns how they feel inside his body, what happens when they get really big and how to calm them down.


Caterpillar shares what he is learning to help children understand and accept that we have all different emotions and all of them are ok. He explores ways in which he can help the emotions to calm so he can stay in control of them and they don’t take over. He learns by experience and makes some comical mistakes as he gets to grips with noticing and doing things a bit differently.


The story is written in rhyme to help with the flow and the illustrations have been beautifully designed to help bring out imagination, curiosity and visually show caterpillars’ journey.


It also has a beautiful musical score that is written to accompany the story! There is an audio version and a music only version so you can explore the book together with your child at home, in a nursery or a classsroom setting.

Written by Kelly Laing

Musical Score Written by Empire Music Production

Illustations by Louise Elder 


Curious Caterpillar Book Only

Hardback Book – £18.50

Paperback Book – £12.00

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Audio Book £6:00

School Activity Pack – £10.00

Early E-book (PDF) – £6.00



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